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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Niroga Ayurveda Resort

Niroga Ayurveda resort, an Ayurveda & Holistic Healing Resort in the Southwest of Sri Lanka, set along the shores of the famous “Maduganga”, though referred to as a river it is in essence a large lake fed through five streams, forming an estuary which falls to sea from the resort town of Balapitiya. Whether you are traveling on vacation or seeking Ayurveda treatment, it’s always the little things that count and make a lasting impression in your mind, we at Niroga Ayurveda Resort in Maduganga will gladly cater to your every whim.

The extensive herb garden and stunning view across the Maduganga Lake at dusk with the delightful aroma of traditional Sri Lankan spicy dishes being cooked & served at the floating restaurant on Maduganga will beacon families, romantic couples, honeymooners, authentic Ayurvedha treatment seekers and solo travelers alike to this romantic spot. Marrying modern luxuries with a breathtaking view of the lake, whether you lodge into lake view, jungle or floating villas, a Niroga Ayurvedha resort vacation will be one to be treasured long after you have returned home.

Since opening our doors in 1998, Niroga Ayurveda hotel has treated well over one thousand guests seeking various treatments to ailments of the body, mind and soul. At Niroga we specialize in techniques which do not require surgery, whether it’s a slimming our clients require or various rheumatic joint diseases, gastric ulcers, paralysis or ENT complications.

The prevalent environment at Niroga Ayurvedhic Resort is perfect for our range of therapies and treatments, with the resort tucked away in one of the islet shore facing west, and the sunlight filtering through trees of the herb garden to create a feeling of well being, the sounds of waves lapping the shore covered in mangrove roots, the sound of a water fowls or the eagles crying, the shimmering sheet of water creating a kaleidoscope of lights & shadows with the rays of the sun.

Our ayurveda treatment focuses on balancing mind, body and soul via physical ayurveda treatments, food, meditation, yoga and medicine made from natural herbs native to Sri Lanka. A customs-built yoga pavilion on a pier makes a great place to practice yoga with an instructor, surrounded by water and the gently flowing breeze across the lake at dawn and dusk, two of the greatest relaxants of nature along with a good dose of tranquility to put you completely at ease.

We recently launched a natural beauty care and herbal treatment product range to be used exclusively for our Ayurveda Spa at Niroga due to demand.

Specialties at Niroga
Personal attention in diagnosing & providing medication.
Preparation of Personalized food to suite your medical requirement.
Panchakarma Detox and body treatments.
Yoga & meditation sessions on the pier.

River View Rooms

From this category 2 mansions faced to the Madu river with views on to the magnificent scenery of river & two mansions are at the highest points of this hotel featured with full of fresh air.

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Floating Rooms

We have 2 floating mansions are situated on the Madu river. The rooms have totally different sensation endemic to this hotel.

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Forest Rooms

Green mansions are sheltered by the natural green cover ideal for green living. These mansions are enriched with delightful calmness environment.

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Reservation Hot Line +94 77 2391818

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