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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kuramathi Island Resort

Kuramathi, naturally Maldives
An emerald jewel in the turquoise Maldivian waters. Acres of luxuriant vegetation. Spectacular beaches tapering into an endless sandbank. 
Wander the narrow winding paths lined with thick foliage that snake their way across the island. Gaze up into the ancient banyan tree and spot the cranes nesting in the topmost branches. 
On this stunning Maldives island resort, you can stroll along sandy white beaches and dip your toes in the water to cool off on a balmy day. Spend leisurely hours exploring the vibrant reefs or an afternoon of extravagance at the spa. Indulge in dining and wining experiences to suit your every desire. 
Kuramathi Island Resort – a retreat that offers unique experiences for everyone in a natural setting.  
Designed with you in mind, Kuramathi has all that is essential in making your holiday a dream come true.
Island Facilities
Unwind with a book of your choice in a quiet corner on the resort. Our library features an extensive number of books and magazines in different languages. A large selection of CDs and DVDs can also be rented from the library to be enjoyed in the privacy of your villas. Several popular indoor board games are also available here. 
Medical Centre
The Medical Centre is one of the best equipped amongst resorts in Maldives, and features the largest hyperbaric (decompression) chamber in the Maldives. It is equipped to handle major diving accidents or other emergencies. In addition to the hyperbaric chamber, the Medical Centre also features modern diagnostic devices for carrying out ECG, X-rays, blood analyses and audiometry. It includes a small ward with two beds. Two European doctors, a Diving Medical Officer and a General Practitioner, are employed year round.
If you ever feel the need to splurge or get some ‘retail therapy’ our boutiques are conveniently located near the main reception and include The Island Collection, Jewellery Shop, Photo Shop and Marine Shop. Purchase unique gifts for your loved ones or pick up some memories of Kuramathi to take home with.

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